Our courses in laser shaft alignment will teach you hands-on skills to take back to your company. We have structured our material and practicals to allow everyone maximum time with the training rigs and our Easy-Laser instruments.
Engineering Dynamics is the leading Shaft Alignment Training company in Africa. The sample of photos in the gallery to the right give an idea of the companies and numbers we have trainined over the last 24 months locally and in Africa.

Shaft Alignment Training is done on a real world pump set and our newly designed simulators. Acompetency certificate using our Easy-Lasers is issued after repeatably aligning the equipment sucessfully to the set tolerances as found in industry. If you already have an Easy-Laser system or in the process of getting your own, then you are welcome on our courses.

We offer 2 Shaft Alignment Training options:
1. Instrument training.
Always included with new Easy-Laser system sales. We show you how to use the instrument for 2-3 hours. Usually free of charge at our Pretoria office or at general rates for onsite training to cover our travel costs and time and accomodation. If you have new people or need a refresher course on older Easy-Laser models, we gladly assist (and also show the latest models for an attractive trade-in….). No certificates are provided.

2. 2-Day Shaft Alignment Course
Our 2 day intensive alignment course are either presented onsite or at our Pretoria offices. With our portable training simulators and new Easy-Laser systems, we can train groups up to 20 people onsite anywhere in Africa.  We are mainly training existing users of Easy-Laser systems or people in the process of buying their own Easy-Lasers. After intensive practical tests passed, we provide a competency certificate to attendees.

Who should attend:

Artisans, technicians or anyone who learned his trade on dial indicators and wants to do the conversion to lasers or  needs a refresher on the basics of Laser Shaft Alignment using Easy-Laser instruments.

– Course Contents

  • Laser principles
  • Shaft Alignment Theory
  • Runout, Softfoot, horizontal, vertical measurements
  • Straightness, Flatness, Base twist measurements
  • Pulley/Belt alignment
  • Basic vibration analysis
  • Pratical sessions on pump set or simulators
  • Advanced Shaft and Measurement Techniques on request.

Competency Certificate

A Competency Certificate is provided to state the student’s competence in shaft alignment with an Easy Laser instrument after the 2 days course.

Public Shaft Alignment Training Courses for 2015:

7 –  8 December

Venue: Engineering Dynamics Training Centre, Faerie Glen, Pretoria, South Africa
Cost: R5 000.00 pp ex VAT.

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