Shaft Alignment

Easy-Laser systems have seen tremendous growth over the last 15 years in Africa. With the backup of Enemac, you can rely on Easy Laser Instruments in the field, fast response on queries and 4-6 day deliveries from the OEM.  A Calibration check, which is unique for Africa,  is done in Pretoria – South Africa, and a Certificate of Conformance issued. Turn around on sensitive repairs are 3 weeks and we have loaner units available. Warranties can be extended to 3 years for complete peace of mind.

All parts included in the Easy Laser Shaft alignment systems are developed for industrial use. The system design guarantees stable measurement values and reliable alignment even in the harshest of environments. You can measure on all types of rotating machines, whatever their size and regardless of shaft diameter, with a measurement distance of up to 20 meters between laser heads.

Step-by-step instructions guide the user on the display through the entire measurement procedure. Measurement results are displayed live, making it easy to move the machine to its correct position. Videos on the E710, E540 or E420 can be viewed at its respective product pages. Built-in tolerance values make aligning to a client’s specification quickly and easy. PDF reports are available by copying results to a USB stick.

See our Shaft Alignment models on the left and use the Comparison PDF at the bottom to make a selection. Then give us a call or fill in the enquiry form and test our dedication to service excellence.