Laser Applications

Laser Measurement Application Selector

Industries may vary a lot, even from country to country, with a wide selection of machines that will need alignment,  but basics of measurement and alignment with a laser stays the same. Below are a few popular applications. Use these as a guide to first select the broader field of application and then go to the specific product pages.



Easy-Laser® shaft alignment systems start with the E420 system and then move up with additional programs to the E540 and then E710. The integration of the Vibrometer Probe and Belt Alignment accessories into the display unit make the Easy-Lasers unique in industry. All types of alignment for rotating machines are covered and we also offer the D550 for use in Zone 0 environments.

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With Easy-Laser® systems one can check the straightness of crank and camshaft bearing centre lines. We are the preferred choice when it comes to Marine applications like aligning of a propeller shaft drive line, other applications on the vessel like diesel engine and gearbox alignments.

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Machine Tools


For rebuilders or refurnishing machine tools, the Easy-Laser® E940 Machine Tool system helps you to check the geometry, straightness, squareness and level of machines very quickly compared to conventional methods!

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OTHER Applications


For wind tower manufactures, turbines for power generation, checking the parallelity of rolls in the paper, pulp or packaging industries or any other industry where straightness, flatness, squareness or level measurements are required, there is an Easy-Laser system that can assist you.

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