Geometric Alignment



For Geometric measurements the Easy Laser range covers flatness, straightness, squareness and level in different models with dedicated systems for line bore, machine tools, turbine and large flange measurements.  A variety of  laser transmitters are used but the most common and versatile is the D22 sweep laser which is accurate up to 40m. All our detectors use Bluetooth technology. On the display units with colour screens our programs provide step-by-step guidance for each  application. Documentation in PDF format is saved on the unit and can be copied to the provided USB memory stick.  Results can also be transferred to a PC where the free of charge EasyLink software can be used for more manipulation, storage and reports.

The Easy-Laser® E920 basic system for geometry with an E9 2-axis detector and a D22 swivel laser can be your starting point if you will not be involved in aligning rotating machines. The programs for shaft alignment are already installed and by adding a few shaft alignment brackets you can have a total solution!