Easy Laser E950 C Small Bore Alignment System


Bore and Straightness Measurements:  80 – 500mm diameter.

The Easy-Laser® E950-C  detector has an integrated Bluetooth® unit and a rechargeable battery. It is manufactured from a solid aluminium billet for the highest rigidity and measurement stability. The E9 detector allows for measurement in bearing journals down to 80 mm in diameter and widths of 25 mm. With customized brackets bores down to diameter 50 mm can be measured which is perfect for use with line bore machines.

The E950-C is developed for demanding users that measure and adjust the bearing journals in diesel engines, the bearing journals for drivelines in ships, etc. The measuring programs guide you step-by-step through the measuring procedure. Wireless transfer via Bluetooth of measurement data simplifies the work, especially in tight spaces.

Easy-Laser® E950-C measures diameters from 80 mm to 500 mm as standard at distances of up to 40 m. The system has seven different straightness programs and the possibility of measuring ovality as well as several programs for aligning rotating machines, couplings, etc.


1 Laser transmitter D75
1 Detector E9
1 Display unit
1 Cable 2 m
1 Cable 5 m (extension)
1 Offset hub for D75
1 Set of offset hub arms, with magnets
1 Set of rods 4 x 60mm
1 Set of rods 4 x 120mm
1 Set of rods 2 x 30mm
1 Rod adapter for detector, with built-in target
1 Slide bracket, Width 25 mm, diam 80 mm
1 Slide bracket Min 120 mm diam
1 Slide bracket Min 200 mm diam
1 Set of rods 2 x 240mm
1 Slide bracket Min 300 mm diam
1 Magnet base
1 Manual
1 Measuring tape 5 m
1 USB memory stick
1 USB cable
1 Battery charger 240 VAC
1 Toolbox
1 Shoulder strap for display unit
1 Cleaning cloth for optics
1 Carrying case