Easy Laser E910/E915 Large Flange


Measure Flange Flatness with Swivel or Spinning laser. Ideal for Wind Tower Manufacturers.
You can view the flange flatness result as a true 3D image on the display after measuring. Then evaluate the result easily with different settings like three point reference, best fit or all positive while next to the flange in the workshop. The Easy Laser E910 system uses the D22 swivel laser, but in the same family the Easy Laser E915 system includes a laser transmitter D23 Spin with a rotating laser. The D23 is the more populat choice. The laser beam from the transmitter rotates constantly and creates a reference plane over the entire object. With the D23, measurements are performed quicker as you do not have to line up the beam with the detector all the time. You simply place the detector at the desired measurement points and capture the data. One person can do it! PDF reports containing graphs and measurement data are generated in the measurement system’s display unit.  The ability to measure only a quarter of the flange at a time provides for safe working conditions while staying on the ground. The values can be exported to the free EasyLink software where further calculations can be done. Manufacturers like Vestas have further software that extracts data from Easylink seamlessly for inclusion in quality reports.

In addition a parallelity measurement between two end flanges can be done with a standard program and adding accesories like tripods and a prism.

A complete system contains:

1 Laser transmitter D23/D22
1 Detector E7
1 Display unit
1 Bluetooth unit
1 Cable 2 m
1 Cable 5 m (extension)
1 Cable support
1 Safety strap for laser transmitter
2 Targets for rough  alignment
1 Magnet base with turnable head
1 Set of rods (6×60 mm, 6×120 mm)
1 Manual
1 Quick manual
1 Measuring tape 5 m
1 USB memory stick
1 USB cable
1 Battery charger (100–240 V AC)
1 Toolbox
1 Cleaning cloth for optics
1 Carrying case