Easy Laser E180 BTA


The Easy-Laser® E180 has a separate detector unit and display unit with a digital display on the detector unit. This means you can read and follow the alignment digitally from where you are standing and make adjustments for parallel and angular misalignment “live”. This makes alignment of the adjustable machine extremely easy. The accuracy of the digital readout means that you can align within prescribed alignment tolerances. Suitable for most types of drives, such as V-belt, timing belt, flat belt and chain drives.

The E180 can be used as a separate tool, but it also works with the BTA program in the display units of the E710, E540, and most of the E9xx systems to which it connects via Bluetooth.


A complete system contains:

1 Laser transmitter
1 Detector unit
2 Targets
1 Charger with cable
1 Carrying case